Round Two kicks off at Comedy Underground

The second Preliminary Round of the Seattle International Comedy Competition kicked off at Comedy Underground. A second group of 16 comics, all just as funny as the first group are competing to see who gets to advance to the Semifinals.

Tonight was Industry Night with comedy judges representing NBC Universal, Comedy Central, Prestige Talent Agency and Uproar entertainment. Talk about a tough crowd! Unlike the first group, they don’t get a week to warm up, they have to be ready to deliver and ready they were. It’s going to be a fun week.

[As pictured L-R: Lars Callieou (Host), Adam Pasi (2nd), Chase Mayers (3rd), Justin Lawson (1st), Zach Pugh (4th), Matt Donaher (5th)]

The Top Five Comics

  1. Justin Lawson
  2. Adam Pasi
  3. Chase Mayers
  4. Zach Pugh
  5. Matt Donaher

Next up: Columbia City Theatre.

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