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Columbia City Theater

The 38th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition returned to the Columbia City Theater for a really great show. The venue itself is a visual treat of brick and warm woods and a really enthusiastic crowd.

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Preacher Lawson Wins!

Preacher Lawson has won the 37th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition.

This was a fantastic year for the Seattle International Comedy Competition–a year that many have told us has been filled with the best roster that they’ve ever seen. Simply making the finals of this year’s competition is a huge accomplishment…but to take top honors takes a special performer,

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Cornish Playhouse Top Five

1. Pat Burtscher (Toronto)
2. Preacher Lawson (Orlando)
3. Mayce Galoni (Hamilton)
4. Billy Anderson (Seattle)
5. Ricarlo Flanagan (Los Angeles)

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Admiral Theatre with Keys to the City!

Admiral Theatre Top Five

1. Preacher Lawson (Orlando)
2. Ricarlo Flanagan (Los Angeles)
3. Mayce Galoni (Hamilton)
4. Pat Burtscher (Toronto)
5. Billy Anderson (Seattle)

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