Seattle International Comedy Competition: Opening Night

Tonight we begin a month’s worth of humor; 32 comedians, 22 shows, 26 days, and countless laughs. The 37th annual Seattle International Comedy Competition kicks off at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater to a sold-out crowd.

Stand up comedians from the UK, Japan, Canada, and US will face off and enter an epic skirmish of punch lines and comedic timing with over $15,000 in prizes on the line. This show provides the rare opportunity to witness hilarious before-they-were famous performances (see: Mitch Hedberg). Who knows, maybe you’ll see the next Louis C.K. or Gabriel Iglesias in action before they’re snatched up by a talent agent scouting from the audience.

The Top 5

  1. Eric Lundquist (Seattle)
  2. Billy Anderson (Seattle)
  3. Sally Ann Hall (New York)
  4. Mo Alexander (Memphis)
  5. Alex Rios (Portland)

Up next: Seattle Comedy Underground.

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