Whidbey Island Center for the Arts

As beautiful and reserved as the coastline might be around Whidbey Island, the crowd is completely different. The idea of a nice, safe, orderly show went right out the window and the crowd favored performers who were both loose and aggressive and that was reflected by the scores the judges handed out.

The Top Five Comics

  1. Alex Velluto
  2. Nick Hart
  3. Myles Anderson
  4. Justin Lawson
  5. Matt Donaher

Tonight we also got to see who would move onto the Semifinals. It’s been an incredible week of shows and it’s sad to see it end, but five of these comics are moving on for another week of competition.

Moving on to the Semifinals

  1. Justin Lawson
  2. Adam Pasi
  3. Matt Donaher
  4. Myles Anderson
  5. Nick Hart

Next Up: The Semifinals.

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