What a way to start the Semis!

(L-R Kortney Shane Williams, host Duane Goad, Al Park, Hans Kim, Dino Archie, Mitch Burrow, Owen Straw)

One of the coolest things about the SICC Semi-Finals is that we move into big concert venues; performing in a comedy club is way different from a sold-out 700 seat theater. The Edmonds Center for the Arts is a favorite of ours – and why not? A gorgeous facility, great staff, and the ability to pack the place on a Wednesday night. And the semis are amazing shows – the top 10 comics. Wheat, chaff, you know. Here’s how it played out:
1. Kortney Shane Williams
2. Al Park
3. Hans Kim
4. Dino Archie
5 (TIE) Mitch Burrow
5.(TIE) Owen Straw

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