Week Two Semi-Finalists Selected!

The Top Five for Week 2:

1. Mayce Galoni (Hamilton)
2. Preacher Lawson (Orlando)
3. Linda Stogner (Dallas)
4. Pat Burtscher (Toronto)
5. Scott Losse (Seattle)

Going into the fifth and final night of Preliminary Week Two, all sixteen competitors were mathematically in the running for grabbing one of the top five spots for the week and get the chance to advance to the Semi-Finals Week. Some of those sixteen comedians would need a miracle to make it (though, miracles have occurred in this competition before) while others just needed to try to hold on.

Four of our five advancing semi-finalists not only held on to their position but they made the Nightly Top 5 to secure their spot…but no one knew for sure who would grab the fifth and final spot. It could have been Salt Lake City’s Aaron Woodall, who went into the night tied for the fifth spot. It could have been Seattle’s Travis Nelson, who was strong and solid all week, or Bo Johnson who had a great set on the final night to make one last charge towards the top. It could have been Luca Cupani, an Italian comedian now living in London, who made the Nightly Top 5 on the last night.

It could have been…but when the smoke cleared from all the furious math that was done at the end of the night, Seattle’s Scott Losse, who started the night in fourth place and scored just enough to keep himself in fifth place by 7 tenths of a point, is the one who will advance, again (he made the Semi-Finals of SICC-35) to compete for another week.

These five comedians from Preliminary Week Two will be joined by the Top 5 from Preliminary Week One:

1. Billy Anderson (Seattle)
2. Drew Behm (Edmonton)
3. Ricarlo Flanagan (Los Angeles)
4. Scoot Herring (Portland)
5. Eric Lundquist (Seattle)

The scores in the Semi-Finals Week revert back to zero…and they’ll have five more shows to earn the scores they need to make it into the Finals Week.

One of them will become this year’s champion!

The Semi-Finals Week begins on November 16th at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, Edmonds.

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