Week 2 Night 1 – A Rare “Overtime” Win

(Photo Elizabeth Boykewich)
Followers of this Competition may know that there is a score penalty for going too far over (or under) the allotted time. It is a fairly big hit, and in fact one penalty last week made the difference between 5th and 6th place and a trip to the semi’s.
But tonight Dino Archie was so strong that he incurred the penalty and still finished in first place for the evening. A rare feat indeed, we can’t remember when that last happened.
Special thanks to comic Jason Dudey for the “stall set.”
1. Dino Archie – Vancouver BC/LA/Fresno
2. Hans Kim – Seattle
3. Gavin Matts – Vancouver BC
4. Steve Hofstetter – LA
5. Mitch Burrow – LA

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