Jill Maragos – Los Angeles

Jill maragosJill Maragos developed her sense of humor as a survival tactic for growing up in Buffalo, NY. She has bachelor degrees in both Broadcast Journalism and Mechanical Engineering. And, she’s the nicest oppositional person you’ll ever meet.

Jill has appeared on Laughs (FOX), Comedy Time (YouTube), and West Coast Comedy (Hulu). She’s opened for Kevin Avery, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Brody Stevens, & Maryellen Hooper and performs all over L.A. & throughout the country.

“Jill Maragos is so incredibly funny that I want to take all her material and bury her body in a shallow grave…but I won’t.” – Maryellen Hooper (The Dennis Miller Show, The Martin Short Show & The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)

“You come on like a slow cloud out there…you make people feel like they’re sitting in an easy chair even though they’re sitting on a bar stool.” — Sandy Stotzer (A Comic’s Life Radio)