An Evening at Jai Thai in Seattle

Night three of the 38th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition brought us back to Seattle to a sold-out show at Jai Thai on Capitol Hill. The place was packed and even though it started a bit late for a show like this which is filled filled to the brim with entertainment, the crowd hung in there all the way until the end. Tank you Billy Anderson for being such a great host.

Sean Williams crushed it again. He’s definitely on a roll!

The Top Five Comics

  1. Sean Williams
  2. Sierra Katow
  3. Danny Vega
  4. Mary Lou Gamba
  5. Alex Falcone

Three new faces cracked the Top Five. Sierra Katow and Mary Lou Gamba had obviously great sets. Danny Vega has to be very happy due to a score oopsie jumped him up from tied for fifth place to tied for third due to the score correction. There’s two shows left for this round and it’s still anybody’s game!

How come there’s an extra body onstage?

Once again, we goofed. We always double-check the scores, but there’s some pressure to announce the top five with as little delay as possible. Originally we had Leif Skyving tied for fifth place. When we checked again, we realized he was in sixth place, just barely missing fifth place. Leif didn’t think this would be his crowd, so to finish sixth out of 16 is really great. We will try harder.

Next up: Emory’s on Silver Lake in Everett.

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