A Skagit Casino Adventure!

(L-R Tony Dijamco, host Duane Goad, Kortney Shane Williams, Dino Archie, Mitch Burrow, Al Park, Andrew Rivers)

It was all going so well.  Show sold out way in advance, good driving weather, nice leisurely dinner.  Host Duane Goad keeping it tight, everyone is KILLING IT.  Intermission was smooth, Tony Dijamco up first after the interval nails it, his best set of the week.  Enter Jill Maragos.  Cue the fire alarm.

Apparently some bros were partying in a hotel room with a smoke machine of some kind. Alarm is sounding.  Strobe lights are flashing.  People are bewildered.  Finally we get the all-clear and start the show back up (lost a few folks who just ditched out and went home, but most stayed;  turned out fine, but the atmosphere just wasn’t the same, even though the first comic up, Mitch Burrow, thoughtfully brought a fire extinguisher with him on stage. Benefit definitely went to the comics up in the first half.

  1. Tony Dijamco
  2. Kortney Shane Williams
  3. Dino Archie
  4. (TIE) Andrew Rivers + Al Park
  5. Mitch Burrow.
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