Zach Pugh – Los Angeles

Zach PughZach Pugh is a comedian from Ohio now living in Los Angeles. He has been featured on SiriusXM and has toured the country extensively. Zach has performed at a number of festivals, including the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival and Accidental Comedy Fest in Cleveland.

He currently co-produces the weekly show Rod Stewart Live! in Los Angeles.

TWITTER: @ZachPugh
INSTAGRAM: @zachdpugh

The quote I think about when I want to get fired up will now be Fergie saying “Let’s play some basketball!”

Oh my good Lordy this is tonight
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Kevin Love is hurt again and I can’t help but feel it’s because he thinks chocolate milk is good for you

I truly can’t tell the difference between good jazz and bad jazz. Is all jazz good? It seems like all of it is good. Am I depressed?

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