Taylor Clark – Everett, WA

Taylor ClarkTaylor Clark is Northwest-bred and freshly returned from a decade-long stay in New York City. There he was performing on shows with the likes of Hannibal Burress, Jim Gaffigan, Louie CK and many others.

He has traveled the country and Europe performing his odd brew of skater-dad style stand-up comedy and illustrating to audiences everywhere how a life bathed in confusion and fear can still be fun.

WEBSITE: realestaylor.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/taylorclizark
TWITTER: @taylorclark123
INSTAGRAM: realestaylor
INSTAGRAM: @swcomedy

Roommate Court was fire last night. This thing has legs people!!!

"Roommate Court got my roommate to stop stealing my bong. Now, the bong fairy delivers it every morning. Thanks... https://t.co/6ROfpSn5QA

I had a blast featuring for Kevin McCaffrey all weekend. It was his first time in Seattle and this dude sold out... https://t.co/329w8GIpip

Seattle folk! I am featuring for Kevin McCaffrey at the Comedy Underground all wknd
Fri & Sat, 8 & 10pm

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