Luke Severeid – Seattle

Luke SevereidLuke Severeid is a life-long Washington resident and has the beard and plaids to prove it. He’s performed all up and down the west coast regaling crowds with tales of idiocy, stupidity and other redundant synonyms used to describe the unfortunate situations that he and his big dumb hairy face has gotten into.

He is loud. He looks meaner than he is. He cuts his own hair or at least what’s left of it. He hopes you like him.

TWITTER: @lukesevereid
INSTAGRAM: @lukesevereid

If a comedian doesn’t make a post on social media about a show they were on DID IT EVEN HAPPEN?!

I never regret recording a set.
I always regret not recording a set.

We should just start making school children out of the same material they use for airplane black boxes.
Problem solved.

Gun stock goes up after every mass shooting. That means that children being murdered is literally good for business.

Every time someone makes a “Valentine’s Day is on Hump Day” joke a Cupid shits it’s diaper.

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