Cara Rosellini – Seattle

Cara RoselliniCara Rosellini started her stand-up career in Los Angeles, where she frequently did sets at the Comedy Store, Luna Park and the Hollywood Improv (plus countless bars and coffeeshops).

She has worked with many great comedians along the way up and down the west coast. Cara is very happy to be back in her home city, doing stand-up, acting, writing and producing films.

TWITTER: @cararosellini

When can slime stop being the kid activity? My pipes start twitching when the glue comes out. That's not a euphemism btw

Tonight I felt compelled to look up exactly what hashtags mean. #hashtag, #doiuseacommainbetween, #stilldontgetit

The rebel in me stayed up and watched Harry Potter. At this rate I might start having cream w/coffee and stop signaling

This is how they do it. They try to use us against each other and co-opt the language and pain of rape victims. It is part of their larger war on women. Fight it. If you’re in LA, rip these posters down with your bare hands.

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