Andrew Mayer – Boston

Andrew MayerAndrew Mayer is a Boston-based stand-up comedian, who has been performing at locations all over the country for the past decade. He won the 2017 Boston Comedy Festival, and has performed in the Bridgetown and Laughing Skull Comedy Festivals, among others. Andrew has contributed content to Funny or Die, and once had a joke of his featured in a question on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?”

His debut album, Nonsense, was released in 2015.

TWITTER: @mayercomedy

Law and Order SVU, starring me:

[I walk up to a body with my prescription glasses off]

[Coolly putting on glasses] Looks like this guy picked the wrong time to fall asleHOLY SHIT A DEAD BODY

It's true. And here's why this is crazy: I think limes are just okay. Wouldn't be thrilled to eat one.

Somewhere Vince McMahon is trying to get a trademark on "XCTE"

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