Ali Reingold – Portland

Ali ReingoldAli Reingold is a comedian based in Portland, Oregon, who endears herself to audiences with her friendly hair, curly demeanor, and grammatically correct jokes. She has performed in venues all over the country and in such festivals as SF Sketchfest, Women in Comedy, Hell Yes Fest, and All Jane.

She once yelled at the father of the bride at her friend’s wedding, but it was for legitimate reasons regarding the dance playlist, and she regrets nothing.

TWITTER: @ali_reingold
INSTAGRAM: @reingola

THANK YOU #BendOregon !!! (I spelt ‘handling’ wrongly because I was too in awe of how funny @ali_reingold is) @BendComedy you’re a TREAT!


My cat got spooked while lying on my chest and scratched the fuck out of my boob. MY BOOB IS BLEEDING.

And weirdly, I still think he’s probably better than a real boyfriend.

If I can’t be a famous writer/comedian, I guess my next biggest aspiration is to someday have a kitchen with one of those really deep sinks.

Eating An Entire Chocolate Bar While Reading The New Yorker But Actually Checking Instagram Every Five Minutes -A memoir by Ali Reingold

Look, is it so much to ask that a sexy amphibian man fall in love with ME?!

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