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Alex FalconeAlex Falcone is a comedian and writer from Portland, Oregon. He’s been on the IFC show Portlandia a handful of times and he’s appeared at numerous comedy festivals including Bridgetown, Bumbershoot, Sketchfest, and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival.

His writing has been quoted in Rolling Stone, VOX, Boing Boing, and featured on the front page of Reddit. He also wrote a young adult romance novel called Unwrap My Heart about a girl who falls in love with a sexy mummy. Publisher’s Weekly called it “unfortunate.”

TWITTER: @alex_falcone
INSTAGRAM: @alexfalcone

Phantom Thread just made me really want to eat an omelette.

This story about how Portlanders feel about Portlandia is great.

"Pretty soon it started to feel to me like the same joke over and over again."

I can't imagine a more perfect take than, "Um, I prefer Portlandia's early work."

I'm not entirely clear how a government shutdown works, but NASA needs anybody to play with the rockets to make sure they don't get rusty or whatever, I'm free this weekend.

Oh come on. I know most of these are fake, you know they're fake. But my main problem with air travel has never been "sometimes I get to see a puppy."

Verge Transportation@vergecars

Delta is tightening its rules around bringing emotional support animals on flights

So basically Apple announced its old tax-avoidance schemes are automatically slowing down because new ones were released.

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