JR Berard – Seattle

“Resembling at first glance, every frat boy you used to know or be,” according to Radicalfreakout.com, “JR Berard has major skills and a strong presence on the mic.” JR Berard has been delivering his “fratboy-esque” brand of humor to audiences all over the United States and Canada for more than eight years. Often described as, “stayed in my seat when I really needed to use the restroom – funny”, JR mixes charm, charisma and high energy to deliver a fast paced show leaving audiences wanting more.

Aside from all those comedy jokes on stage, JR has also spent time writing blogs for the very famous Elizabeth Banks, along with serving as the Executive Editor of The Podaholics Comedy Network. You can also catch JR in the upcoming season of IFC’s hit show, Portlandia.