Samson Koletkar – San Francisco

samson koletkarSamson Koletkar (aka Mahatma Moses) was born in Mumbai and raised Jewish. Growing up in the world’s most crowded city, he spent most of his childhood years burning the midnight candles for earning a Masters Degree in Computer Software, thereby fulfilling his parent’s dreams. He then moved half-way across the world, to the technology headquarters and a hotbed for emerging comics – San Francisco.

Samson brings a refreshingly new approach to cerebral, witty, thought-provoking, clean humor with a first-generation immigrant perspective. Driven by personal trials and tribulations, his subtle satire addresses religious and political hypocrisies, social issues, and day-to-day absurdities of human nature. He won the 2010 Asian American Theater Company comedy competition and the 2015 International Society of Humor Studies comedy competition. He has performed at The 2010 Great Canadian Laugh Off in Toronto, 2014 San Francisco International Comedy Competition, 2011 San Francisco Comedy Day, 2015 Chutzpah Festival Vancouver, 2015 Twin Cities Jewish Humor Festival, 2011 MuslimFest Missisauga, 2015 Sacramento Comedy Fest & 2007 San Francisco Kearny Street Festival.