Anica Cihla – Seattle

anica cihlaBorn and raised in Wisconsin, Anica began her comedy career in the back of a Thai restaurant in Seattle, WA. So she’s pretty much got this multiculturalism thing on lockdown. Anica’s comedy is an approachable blend of pop culture references, chemistry puns, and self-deprecating anecdotes. She has spread her love of language and Game of Thrones all along the west coast, having performed in Seattle, Portland, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Anica’s comedy has been described as “smart and personal,” “well-constructed, bait-and-switch jokes,” and, “you really talk about incest a lot.” Anica has performed in the Redwood Comedy Festival and the HIGHlarious Comedy Festival, and one time performed in the back of a defunct sex shop in a strip mall in Las Vegas.