LeeAnn Tooker – Los Angeles

LeeAnn Tooker is an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian, born and raised in the South and currently residing in Los Angeles.  On stage, this talented worrywart enjoys making people laugh by sharing the thoughts of her over-analytical brain.  LeeAnn has worked as audience warm-up for Adam Carolla´s “The Car Show” and opened for national headliner, Colin Kane at ACME Comedy Theater in Los Angeles.  She has performed with Lisa Sundstedt´s female stand-up show “Pretty Funny Women” and is also creator & host of her podcast “LeeAnn Tooker is Not Crazy” which is broadcast live regularly on DigN2It Radio and available on iTunes.  LeeAnn collaborates on various comedy sketch projects, co-produces a regular stand-up show in Los Angeles as co-creator of Trouble Maker Comedy and performs stand-up regularly in festivals and at comedy clubs, casinos, bars, (a party boat once!) and the occasional family reunion in California and neighboring states.

WEBSITE:  www.leeanntooker.com

FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/tooker.leeann

TWITTER:  @LeeAnnTooker

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