Geoff Brousseau – Seattle

Geoff Brousseau is originally from Seattle.  He shares a special thing found in many of the great comics through the ages:  he is an alcoholic from a broken home with a thriving inferiority complex.  He made the decision to become a stand-up comic after being told he should by people through his life.  Since making this decision, Geoff has become miserable, spending a good portion of his days wondering why other comics are more successful than he is.  Geoff considers his jokes like he considers his women:  “If it gets laughs, marry it.”  Geoff is single.  He has bad jobs, bad relationships, jail time, problems of every kind and good things like kids and some other stuff he can’t think of.  He drinks too much talks too loud and feels all too comfortable talking about himself more truthfully than you’d like.  If you like someone who tells the truth and is honest about himself, sometimes brutally so, Geoff is your guy.  Geoff is who you would be if you had made just 43 more bad decisions.


TWITTER:  @gbrousseau

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